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From Andrew King’s FB profile:

All My Friends, Remembered.
London, 7th October 2017.

It was a great honour to be able to start proceedings on this important night, and whilst we were unfortunate in that the evening clashed with a couple of other events which shared our potential audience, there was in the end a perfectly respectable turn out, and I would like to think that everyone went away heartened by what turned out to be a very special event.

Our scene is one often pigeonholed and pilloried by detractors for its supposed uniformity and unoriginality but each band proved that that couldn’t be further from the truth: my hoary historical ramblings were followed by Annie Stubbs’ hieratic channeling, after which Black Light Ascension gave people a chance to unwind a bit with their sweeping, rhythmic cold wave anthems. Gerechtigkeits Liga then took things left-field again with a succession of brooding ritualistic soundscapes whilst Naevus brought things to a rousing close with their special blend of philosophical brutalism.

But the evening wasn’t just a reflection of the scenes diversity but also, as we had all worked with John for many years, a (small) cross section of the staggering range of his involvement in underground music. Of course it was – rightly for this event – a London-centric and themed concert, but other parts of John’s history and legacy were given cameos by DJ Krackhaus Nihil’s clever selection of John Murphy (& other) classics!

So, a palpable hit! Special thanks to Andrew Trail for organising the event, Mak and Electrowerkz for having faith in it, and to the audience for joining us in our celebration of our friend.

Andrew King “All My Friends, Remembered” Set List.

1. Lord Ronald.
2. The Stripping of the Altars.
3. Gethsemane.
4. The Week Before Easter.
5. The Prentice Boy.
6. What is the Life of a Man.
7. Judas.*
8. To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time.

Andrew King: vox and drum.
Hunter Barr: keyboards, samples, and backings.
*Lloyd James: guest percussion.



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