UNCODIFIED – Wasting Video – from new COMUNIDAD CD

Sounds – UNCODIFIED – Wasting, extract from Uncodified – Comunidad – CD ERE preorder 10 euro

Uncodified is back with a bang with “Comunidad” a new full-length CD released by Elettronica Radicale Edizioni.

“Comunidad” is a cold and merciless analysis of contemporary political and economic scenarios, of current social textures, dominated by always-more powerful lobbies and think tanks.

Are we really convinced that anything surrounding us is the product of rational logics of those who rule the world?

Corrado Altieri’s new work features eight sonic attacks, charged with pure post-industrial mixed with skilfully structured power-electronics, abrasive rhythmical inserts and radical noise.

Comes in gatefold digipack, featuring artwork by Wertham.

Contact us at caligula031 at gmail dot com for your copy. wholesale available, no trades.

Released in collaboration with Old Europa Cafe and e Luce Sia.

Video – WERTHAM – Mixed media featuring digital / analog material. Railway images filmed in Wien, September 2017. Sound-reactive waves performed with Critter & Guitari Black & White Videoscope.



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